Izzie Beirne


“Men look at women. Women watch themselves being looked at.” John Berger, Ways of Seeing, 1972.


Izzie Beirne’s work explores the unrealistic ways women are represented in everyday media and the impact this has on women’s mental and physical health. She draws on personal experience to highlight that despite the progress of feminism women are still subject to control through imagery dictating how they should look and act.


She starts by collaging images from fashion and porn magazines to create warped, yet seductive characters. The collages act as sketches and she goes on to paint in acrylic, creating larger than life size, doll-like characters.


Her aim is to create images which startle the viewer and are both sinister and alluring, drawing attention to the media’s portrayal of the ‘unattainable woman.’


Cultivate Presents (And With Good) Reason - Online - June 2020

Uncanny Characters - The Bowery, Leeds - December - January 2019 - 2020

Free Range – The Old Truman Brewery, London – July 2019

Blinked – Leeds Arts University, Leeds – June 2019

Girls Shitting Money in the Wind – Open Source Arts, Leeds – May 2019

Female Gaze – Old Red Bus Station, Leeds – March 2019

Two – Wharf Chambers, Leeds – May 2018

Y Not? – Wharf Chambers, Leeds – May 2017


BA Fine Art – Leeds Arts University (2019)